The Truth About Hiring a Resume Writer

Thinking of hiring one?

It might sound enticing to only pay $40, $50, or even $75 for a resume writer you found online…but the writer is going to get about half, at best. Often, a writer might make $20 per resume, but I’ve even seen writers get paid $12 per resume. That’s per resume, not per hour. To do it RIGHT, it can take hours – 3, 4, even 8, at that’s just for the resume draft alone, not revisions, cover letter, etc.

So, if a resume takes 3 hours….yeah, it’s not much money left for the writer via an online service. Do you really want someone writing your resume that makes ten bucks an hour (or less)? To be successful, the way a top writer monetizes resume writing is either by charging a ton ($$$) or starting their own business, and hiring a bunch of template-fillers.

So, there’s an incentive to get it done quick. But you can’t blame them for feeling the urgency; they are trying to make it worth their while. Often, such writers work for companies that try to crank these out in volume. Beware of the resume mills out there – if you pay for cookie-cutter service, that’s what you’ll get.

What’s worse? The average resume has 3 revisions. So, after the writer sends a resume to a client, there’s usually a back-and-forth about 3 times, at least, to get it halfway acceptable.

Don’t get me wrong, there are amazing resume writers out there. Gifted. But do you know where they work? They’re working with corporate executives and charging $400-$500 a resume! Why? Because they can. There’s a lot more than you think that goes into those – there’s a ton of research, keyword optimization, industry knowledge, etc. There’s A LOT to it.

Want to pay that much? I didn’t think so.


Take the harder road (harder short-term, but well-worth-it long-term) and LEARN. Get someone of that caliber to give you advice and work with you to get your resume right. BUT, you do the formatting – the busy work. That’s where a bulk of time goes – the copy and paste of company names or comma here or there. That will minimize the writer’s time to maximize their value to you. This way you can get the most value going over other things – targeted searches, cover letters, or interview hacks, without the writer spending an hour on basic formatting.

After all, a resume is only a small part of the process. Once you get your resume back from a writer (and, often, with each job search you’ll need multiple versions), have you learned anything? Knowledge is power. Give yourself the power of options.

Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for the day. Teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime.

I will TEACH you exactly what you need to know to stand out and maneuver the marketplace on your own.

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