Top 3 Resume Myths

  1. A resume needs to include every experience and everything you did.

No one cares about your interests or that you stocked the paperclips. All they want to know is 1) do you meet the requirements in the description, and 2) how did you perform better than the gazillion other applicants.

If you did sales or customer service or nursing, for example, they can probably make a few guesses about what you did. In sales, you probably sold stuff and everything that comes along with that. But they want to know how you did it better.

2. The recruiter/HR person reading it will translate your experience.

In other words, this is the hope that even though your experience in management isn’t explicit (your title wasn’t “Manager”), you are hoping the recruiter sees management skills and thinks you could do the job.

No. Don’t assume they are always going to connect the dots. You have to do that. Often the recruiter or HR person doesn’t know the ins and outs of your function. They are just going down a check-sheet and seeing if you did that. If the position is for nursing, the recruiter isn’t a nurse. The recruiter is just seeing if you measure up to the list of requirements they were given.

3. The employer is swayed by anything you say.

What I mean here is that the resume is a “prove-it” document. If you say you were “transformational” or have “proven experience,” what you say after that better prove it with STATS.

You saying you’re a “people person” or a “team player” means nothing because who’s not going to say that?

No, you didn’t “stock supplies.” You “leveraged relationships with office supply vendors, reducing administrative costs by 23% within 4 months.” See the difference? You can’t just say it. You have to prove it.

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